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The Dead Live On!

OK, I’m not a big Deadhead, but I am a huge fan of the Grateful Dead’s album covers and show posters. . Since Jerry Garcia’s (RIP) passing in 1995, the band has been in the process of disbanding and disbursing. Thankfully Eileen Law was able to preserve and archive their tantalizing ephemera and the University […]


a True West Evolution

We just got our advanced copy of April’s issue of True West Magazine.  Dan DeWeese has a really nice article about Double D Ranch, my family’s background and the evolution of the brand. . I’ll post more when it hits newsstands, but for now, here is a sneak peek… . . As you can see, […]

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Junking on the Postcard Junket

I ran up to Austin for the day to catch the Capital of Texas Postcard Show and Sale.   I met some nice folks, picked up some great cards, and came home with some wicked hangnails from digging in boxes all day. Next time I’m wearing gloves! . . Here is my favorite find from the […]

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Design History 101: Cappadocia

. . side note: Rumals are two-sided embroidered cloths used to cover gifts and food offerings.  Traditional motifs include flowers, birds, deities, and animals.  The word ‘rumal’ means ‘handkerchief. To learn more about this type of Indian folk art, visit Vibhavari. .

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. The Banjara People: They are the largest gypsy group in India and are known as the root gypsies of the earth. The Banjara’s name is derived from the word bajika, which means trade or business, and from banji, meaning peddlers pack. Many consider them descended from Jews who were exiled to Egypt, as they […]

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Digging Berries

After the Oscars and all of the beautiful gowns, I’m really digging berries. What do you think? . . (left to right) Penelope Cruz,  Angie Harmon, Vera Farmiga

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Rebel Yell

You are going to need a rebel yell if you are interested in this confederate flag coming up at auction next week.  Minimum bid starts at $60,000 and is estimated to fetch $175,000. . . The auction catalog says lot 2373 is a Spectacular confederate battle flag captured at the Gettysburg campaign…. This flag was […]



Miss P is turning out to be quite the little athlete.  She just wrapped up basketball and tomorrow the little racehorse runs the 100 & 200 meter dash.  Go Miss P! .


George Strait it is!

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Bohemian Rodeo

. I don’t know where I’ve been…I guess under a bush somewhere, but I had never come across the Cowgirl Chicks. Oh, My, what can these cowgirls not do? They trick ride, sing, dance, hold training clinics, raise money for great causes and then some. You must go to their website and read the bios […]